Gluten-Free Living and Baking

The Day My Stomach Quit: How I became Gluten-Free

How a baker who loved bread and cookies became gluten, dairy, and egg free. And how she learned that it was working out for her good.

Suddenly Gluten-Free: 5 tips to avoid feeling overwhelmed

Emotion level: overwhelmed. I may have started crying one day at Kroger. Still, looking back I also remembered what helped me get through that feeling of being overwhelmed. Here are 5 tips I learned about the feelings of going gluten-free… (read more)

Holiday Gingerbread Cake Recipe Additions (dairy, gluten, egg free)


Vanilla Blueberry Scones (gluten, dairy, egg free)


Pumpkin Scone Recipe (gluten, dairy, egg free)


Five-Ingredient Chocolate Banana Almond ‘Ice Cream’ (gluten, dairy, egg free)


Chocolate Doughnut Recipe for National Doughnut Day (gluten, dairy, egg free)


Pancakes III (Recipe improvement) (gluten, dairy, egg free)


Saturday Morning Muffins (dairy, gluten, nut, egg, and soy free)


Pancakes 2 (gluten, dairy, nut, egg free)


Coconut Chocolate Cookies (gluten free)


Saturday Morning Pancakes: gluten, dairy, soy, and nut free


Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies: gluten, dairy, and soy free


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