Summer 2010 in Photos

Monday Evening: Hummingbird

Saturday Morning: Hummingbird drinking

Friday Night: Ginger Molasses Cookies

Saturday Night: Twilight

Wednesday Morning: On the farm

October Gave a Party

Tuesday Evening: Time to Make Banana Bread

Saturday Morning: Reading

First Year Teaching: How I Know It’s Thursday

Saturday Morning: Decorating the Tree

Snow Day

Wednesday Morning: Snow

Snow Day #7

First Year Teaching: Hello Tuesday Night

Good-bye Winter, Hello Spring

Once Upon a Cloudy Day: A Search for Color

Friday Morning: Spring Break

May’s Flowers (2011)

Consider the Lilies

Misadventures in Sewing

Summer Nights (2011)

Father’s Day (2011)

Cathedrals and Gardens

Sunshine and Shadows

Storm Clouds and Wind

Taste of Summer

Colors of Summer

Beach on a blue moon

Sand and Sun

Snow Day Beauty (gallery and video)

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