Courage for the year ahead

The Gospel fuels our courage

These verses end a Psalm full of sorrow and lament. But even in the midst of his grief, and at the end of his cry for relief, David remembers and takes courage for the path ahead.

At the changing of the year, that is what we all need.

Thankfulness for the past.
Hope and assurance for the future.

Praying we end the old year and begin the new one as the Psalmist models in these verses.

Recall the times this past year where we trusted and rested in God and his providence.
Recount the times his love broke through to our hearts.
Look to the future without fear, knowing our hearts will rejoice and our salvation is secure.
Allow that assurance to fortify our hope.

End the year with a song of joy, a song of thankfulness to the Lord.
Delight in the Lord as our highest treasure. Remember his bountifulness toward us – from the big to the small.
And then continue into each new day in the same manner:


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