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Fearless Dependence: A Lesson From Lilies

For all the nations of the world seek after these things, and your Father knows that you need them.  Instead, seek his kingdom… Read More

As I Was Unpacking

Tonight, while I was going through a box of papers, I came across a sheet of paper from a Graduate Intervarsity Women’s prayer meeting this past Spring.  The scripture and prayer written on this paper is a wonderful reminder of the things that every Christian has in Christ… Read More

Whether for Correction or for his land or for love

God is always good – but sometimes God also sends life events that help me believe more deeply what I say I already know.  One such event was three years ago today…Read More

Promises and Fulfillment: The Old Covenant Part One

Even though the whole Old Testament — Old Covenant — points to the coming of Christ as the Redeemer, we looked mostly at the promises concerning the Messiah as a brief overview of the Old Testament… Read More

Promises and Fulfillment: The Old Covenant Part Two

After looking at prophecies about Jesus from Moses, we looked at some (but by no means even close to all) of the other prophecies in the Old Testament… Read More

Promises and Fulfillment: The New Covenant

This is the final post in the series we covered in Bible Study last month.  After looking at the Old Testament, we spent a week looking at the New Testament and how it related with the Old Testament.  First, we looked at two passages predicting the coming of the New Covenant, particularly Jeremiah 31:31-34.  Next we looked at the idea that the New Testament is expected if we believe the Messiah has come… Read More

Someone to Share With

Once there was a little girl who was loved by her mom and dad.  The three of them lived happily together, laughing and loving.  After two and a half years, a brother came along, and the three became four…. Read More

Summer Reading List — 2011

Lewis Carroll, Elizabeth Elliot, The Bible, Charles Spurgeon… Read More

But the Lord is Faithful

It all begins and ends with the faithfulness of the Lord… Read More

Listening to Silence

For the first time this week, I heard it: silence. An electrical storm had rolled through town, temporarily knocking out the power on my street.  Cocooned in the living room, the very center of my home, silence enveloped me… Read More


Yes, in our brokenness, we become desperate for the right things, but we do not pursue them rightly because we are not just desperate… we are a lost people. Yes, we are desperate and lost… and without hope.

Read More

In the Beginning 

It all starts with God, and His nature.  His justice, His mercy, His love, His vengeance, His forgiveness are all parts of His perfect incomprehensible character…. (Read More)

Fullness (Valley of Vision Prayer)

This is the exchange of wonderful love — for me to have thee for myself, and for thee to have me, and to give me thyself… (Read More)

Anger and Action

Being slow to anger is neither proof of blindness or weakness. True wisdom sees injustice, acknowledges it, and opposes it. But true wisdom does not act out of anger. May the people of God be seen and spoken of as those to cling to good and advance justice, not those who exalt folly.  May our anger at injustice not blind our discernment.  May our anger go down with the sun, and so give way to faith in God and his justice. May our anger give way to the love that builds up. (Read More)

Swirling Clouds and Songs

Reflection on the Feb. 5 tornado.

To Love With All

100,000 Miles

One little car and lots of answered prayer