Heart of a Single Woman’s Home Blog Series

Heart of  Single Woman’s Home: Introduction (blog series part 1 of 8)

I had the opportunity last Saturday to share some of my testimony at my church’s women’s conference.  The topic of the conference was the heart of homemaking, so my topic was the heart of a single woman’s homemaking.  Preparing for the talk was a wonderful process of remember the past faithfulness of God and again searching my heart to tease out the lies and misperceptions still there.  So many times I had to stop and thank God again for how patiently and completely He has loved me…

Heart of a Single Woman’s Home: Lies and the Truth (blog series part 2 of 8)

One lie I took to heart was that I was not attaining full womanhood because I was unmarried and childless.  I felt others believed it about me as well.  The second lie was that any home-making on my part would just be an imitation of “real” home-making…I had an idealistic picture in my head of what my homemaking should look like.  Being single and bouncing around apartments every 5 or 3 or 6 or 11 months didn’t fit anywhere in that picture…

Hear of a Single Woman’s Home: Time and Money (blog series part 3 of 8)

My singleness, in some sense, gives me autonomy over the budget and decisions for hospitality, home improvement, travel, etc.  My salvation, however, means that I must submit every decision to God.  He is my husband to whom I bring my ideas and plans and wants and desires to save or splurge.  It is God’s money, how would he have me spend it?  It is God’s time, how should I use it? What works would He have me to walk in? How am I investing the talents He has given so that I can gain more for His kingdom? (Matthew 25)…

Heart of a Single Woman’s Home: Hospitality at Home (blog series part 4 of 8)

God is not limited.  I am often surprised at what He can do when given unlimited access to my limited means, but he will accomplish what He purposes.  I’ve had a guest book for the last 8 years (and 10 living spaces).  I love looking through it and remembering the people who came through my home(s) and what we did and what we talked about.  It is a good reminder that God is at work in my home and will continue to work, if I submit its use completely to Him…

Heart of a Single Woman’s Home: Hospitality Outside the Home (blog series part 5 of 8)

God has given the means and the grace for me to practice what He commands.  Hospitality in the home is so important, but, praise God, my ability to practice hospitality is not limited to the home…

Heart of a Single Woman’s Home: Fear and Safety (blog series part 6 of 8)

A godly woman is called to be fearless.  A quiet heart, which in God’s sight is very precious, is not in a tither of worry (1 Peter 3:4). … The call to “do good and do not fear anything that is frightening” (1 Peter 3:6) is a call to every woman, because her hope is in her God (1 Peter 3:5).

Heart of a Single Woman’s Home: Single and Barren (blog series part 7 of 8)

While I knew of a handful of single women who were homeowners, I didn’t think I had the courage to do it.  … The first message I was afraid to send was that I was too strong to need a man or that I’d at least be difficult to lead.  The second message was that I had resigned to my singleness by giving up and buying a house.

Heart of a Single Woman’s Home: Final Prayer (blog series part 8 of 8)

In God’s perfect plan, there is no second best for a woman, regardless of her age or relationship status. The heart-beat of the single woman’s home is the love of God, the fear of God, the peace, joy, and hope of God.  It is God Himself indwelling the single woman, and filling the home with His presence, and consecrating them both to his service. 

Prayers for my Home