Teacher’s April Fools’ Day Prank

Teacher’s April Fools’ Day Step 1: empty and wash out bottle Step 2: fill with water Step 3: take a couple drinks in the middle of class Student reactions so far: Disgust🤢 Incredulity 🤨 “Can I have some?”😋 “What??!!??”😳 (When a new student/teacher comes in) “Ms. Watson, why don’t you take a drink now?” 😉… Continue reading Teacher’s April Fools’ Day Prank

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Teacher Seeking Approval

Sometimes, in the midst of the hurry, the pressures, and worries of this time in the semester, I forget that those things are not the sum of my life, or even the sum of my present circumstances. I have to stop and remind myself that this person’s approval may be pressing, that activity may be urgent, this work may be threatening to consume my time, but that is not all of my reality. The tyranny of the urgent will always be there, but there is always more.


Giant Word Find

Laminate poster-sized sight-word word find and staple to presentation boards. (Glue gun won't keep it mounted...) add paper copies for students to keep, a dry erase marker, and expo wipes (not pictured). I used binder clips to hold the presentation tri-folds together for easy assembly/disassembly/storage. :) This is for an outdoor school event and has… Continue reading Giant Word Find


Friday (Fri-yay) Boggle Challenge

This was a fun way to start the first Friday of state testing. Within 5 minutes my 4th grade ESL class had come up with 25 English words and 3 Spanish words. I'll admit... I let them use 1-2 letter words, too. Rumor has it that there are at least 35 English and 9 Spanish… Continue reading Friday (Fri-yay) Boggle Challenge