Psalm 34 Blog Series

A series of thoughts from Psalm 34…

Psalm 34:1

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” If  heart and mouth were so full of praise to God… Read More

Psalm 34:2-3

Not a boast in my own actions, nor in my relationships, nor my thoughts.  I cannot take a breath except that the LORD gives it.  I make a plan, but cannot see it through unless the LORD wills it… Read More

Psalm 34:4-7

The LORD’s answer was and is deliverance because in Him there is no change.  David knew this and rejoiced in it.  Fear has no strength and can hold no prisoners when the LORD delivers… Read More

Psalm 34:8

In all of His works, the LORD shows Himself to be good.  Always.  Without fail.  But those who do not run to Him, who do not taste, who do not seek will only look from a distance and say “my way is disregarded by him; he is not good.”…Read More

Psalm 34:9-14

After reading about the LORD’s goodness, shelter, and communion with mankind, it may seem strange that the next sentence from the psalmist is to fear the LORD. Why would David fear Him in whom he had found such refuge? … Read More

Psalm 34:15

The righteous are those who have clung to Christ for forgiveness, who by faith are credited as righteous, as Abraham was. So, never think that the LORD saves and then forgets… Read More

Psalm 34:16

This verse is set as a stark contrast in the midst of verses showing God’s care for His own.  Whereas the LORD watches over the righteous to deliver and preserve them, the LORD watches over the wicked to destroy them with His judgment… Read More

Psalm 34:17-18

These verses lead me to ask myself, “Self, when do you cry for help? At night when fears and fatigue start their vicious attack?  In the morning when the start of a new day seems too much… Read More

Psalm 34:19-22

It is no coincidence that this Psalm about fighting fear ends with a proclamation of the Gospel… Read More