Death and Life

Lined with Gold

I imagined what it would be like to break free from the dark shadows and through the clouds see that light clearly, with nothing in the way. As happens, the clouds closed again and I, still being on Earth, had to drive through the rain storm.  But as I drove, I remembered the gold in the clouds and knew the storm would not last.  When the storm did finally end, the sun came back out and cast a vibrant rainbow across the sky: a reminder of God’s promises as the gold-lined clouds had been.  Promises that lead believers from hope to hope even while the shadow of suffering spreads over them… Read More

Grief and the Hope

But man’s law will not deter someone bent on disobeying God’s law.   Law is not meant to stop evil; it is there to establish justice and show what sin is. … Read More

A Toy Piano and the Promise of Eternal Life

Last Wednesday, that little, out-of-tune piano in the church nursery brought back what little I can remember of my grandpa’s voice… and it reminded me how much I could miss a man who has been dead almost 25 years…. Read More