Bathroom: Take #2

Friday, since I was able to enjoy another snow day, I decided to see if I could do something different with my bathroom.  The limits I had were 1.) it shouldn’t take longer than a day, and 2.) it shouldn’t cost very much (I am in the process of getting curtains for the living room…).  I also wanted to try some paper-crafting.  It actually took me two days to finish it, but I think it was worth it.

So, here is Bathroom: Take #1

After giving a lot of thought to the matter, I decided to trade out the old pink and blue towels for yellow towels.  The WC sign was my favorite decoration in the room, so I kept it.  The other decor I traded for the following:

The frame is from the Dollar Tree and the background was from my fabric remnant collection from sales at Wal-mart.  The birds were a matter of paper cut-outs and buttons.  The ribbon came from the packaging of a blanket (I ironed the wrinkles, then cut the ribbon into two pieces: one I tied in a bow, the other I hot-glued to the back of the frame.  I folded/pinched the ribbon at the top so that it would fit on the nail and glued it.  Then, I glued the bow to the ribbon.).

This frame and mat were from Hobby Lobby.  The bird was a paper cut-out and the background a print off from my computer.  The text is Luke 12:24-32.

This is a bread basket (of all things) from Target.  It was cheaper than the other storage boxes — and the toilet paper fit perfectly.

The potpourri came from Target, but I already had the vase.  The paper came from my scrapbook paper supply.  The writing is the German translation for “and your Father knows you need them”, an excerpt from Luke 12:30.

The candles were leftover decorations (the yellow one was new from Target) and the coffee beans were off-brand that I was saving for a craft/decorating project.  The plate was a regular salad plate from Wal-mart that I had put the tissues on earlier.

I had moved my big blue cross from my bedroom to the bathroom, but I really missed having it in its old spot.  This smaller cross was 3.50 at Hobby Lobby.




After (but before I swapped the TP baskets):



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