Bathroom Remodel

This is what it looked like on move-in day. Now, I’m not against red bathrooms… but I am against small, windowless, red bathrooms. I went in, closed the door, and felt like I was in a heart chamber. Bleh.

Step 1: remove the mirror and patch up the wall as needed (free- $5)

Step 2: prime (because red paint) and paint the walls. ($30-$50… worth it)

Step 3: add accessories

  • Mirror: free (gift)
  • Shelves: $35 from Hobby Lobby (50% off)
  • Rug: $4 Dirt Cheap
  • Plant: :$4 Dirt Cheap

Candles, picture frames, memorabilia were all gifts from others or laying around the house. As a side note: I really like changing up the decor a bit at least once a year. To keep this hobby as inexpensive as possible, I use decor I already have. Adding new paint, different pictures/art, or just changing placement of some decorations can give a fresh look without breaking the budget. Also, checking out discount places, yard sales, and antique stores can yield quality and unique decor for cheap!

Making Cozy: Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights add a certain charm and warmth to a room, especially during cold winter months when the sun sets early in the evening.

When I was in high school, I had the multicolored lights (80s child) outlining the walls in my room. I loved the soft glow it gave. Since then, I’ve come to enjoy the warm, golden white lights and have been looking for ways to use them this season to brighten up the chilly evenings.

I’m finding they are quite versatile. They can outline door frames and windows.

They can be draped over tops of furniture and curtain rods to create a sense of whimsy.

They can also be placed in a container or contained space to create a condensed, brilliant glow.

Chevron Curtains and Burlap Tie Backs

Like most of the country, I recently had a few snow days to get things done around the house.  One of my projects that had been on my list since last summer was curtains for the kitchen eating area.  Snow day number one saw them finished.


Snow day number two was perfect for making the burlap tie backs for the curtains:



Love the snow in the background!

Anyway, what I love best about these tie backs is that they are easy to put on/take off, and they’re cheap and easy to make!  Here is a picture guide to make your own!


First, cut a 24-in piece of burlap ribbon (mine was about 5 in. wide) and two 10-in pieces of floral wire.


Second, fold the ends of the ribbon so that they overlap in the middle (this will be the back of the bow).  The length of the ribbon/bow will now be about 10 in.

Third, pinch the bow in the middle, from the BACK.  This will make a fold in the middle of the front.  Then, fold down the top and bottom edges FORWARD to meet in the middle.  It should look pleated like this…



Take one of the 10 in. pieces of wire and wrap it tightly around the middle of the bow to hold the pleat in place.  Before winding it all the way around, add the second piece length-wise to the back and continue winding.  This second piece will be what wraps around the curtain itself.  Then, hot-glue the folds and wires in place as needed.


And there you go!


Decorating for Christmas

Twist six strands of cranberry bursts together for a small wreath.

Glue wood letters together to spell holiday words.

Put a beaded garland in a vase and add a bow (also works with ornaments)

Here are some other ideas I’d like to try…

Hurricane Lamps from this link.

I like just about everything about this hearth. (Find on this link)

A collage of different Christmas Carols — although I might make a smaller one (click this link)

So pretty (from this link)

And of course, I’m going to practice my snowflake-making skills because there are at least 101 great decorating ideas that are so beautiful and whimsical.

Bringing Fall Inside

With 4 school days left until Christmas vacation, a post on Fall decorations may not be timed well… but since it’s been cooking in the back of my mind for about a month, I figured it was better to post it now than never. (we actually put up Christmas decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving) :)

Idea #1  Pumpkins!

Idea #2 Charger + Paint pen + Really Good Jonathan Edwards quote

Idea #3 Bows

Idea #4 Frame for Seasonal Quotes.  This one is from the book Valley of Vision Prayers.