This Small Classroom: Wall Organizer

I had thought about getting a bookshelf that was accessible to my students.  This would free up more time for me to teach because I wouldn’t need to hand them everything.  It would also be safer than my kindergarten students getting things off the higher shelves themselves.  Since I didn’t really have the space for another bookcase, I decided to make a hanging wall organizer.  Hanging organizers similar to this one are $30+ at the teacher store in town.  This one was make with a $10 organizer from Wal-mart, string from another project, and a couple sharpies.

I got the kind with netting for the pockets.  I plan to attach the organizer to the wall with adhesive hooks so that the whole thing is accessible to my kindergarten students.  Since the organizer was too long (based on the height of my students), I cut off the bottom two rows.  Who knows, maybe I can use it to make an over the desk/table organizer…

Anyway, I decided which items should go in which pockets, and labeled them with a sharpie.

Since the books for the literacy center were too big to fit in one pocket, I decided to merge several pockets into one.  First, I cut the sides of the pockets.

Then I laced them together, tying a bow at the top.

Then, I added borders around the labels with a blue sharpie (to add more color).

Finished! :)

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