This Small Classroom: Parts of Speech Dice

This cube is intended to use with the word wall in my classroom.  We are just moving into learning about parts of speech, so I think this will come in handy very soon.  The students will roll the dice, see which part of speech they get, find such a word on the word wall and then use it in a sentence.  I got the idea from a reading comprehension cube in a friend’s classroom.  I have enough material and a foam cube for another dice, so I may make one of those too.  All that’s needed are a foam cube, six pieces of felt, needle, thread, scissors, rubber cement, and a sharpie.

First, I traced and cut the felt into squares that were about 1/4 inch (or less) larger than the cube’s sides.

I glued the felt squares to each side of the cube with rubber cement to help keep it in place while I sewed the pieces together. Then, I sewed the sides so that the seams created a ridge.

Finally, I used a sharpie to finish the sides of the dice.

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