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Bathroom Remodel

This is what it looked like on move-in day. Now, I'm not against red bathrooms... but I am against small, windowless, red bathrooms. I went in, closed the door, and felt like I was in a heart chamber. Bleh. Step 1: remove the mirror and patch up the wall as needed (free- $5) Step 2:… Continue reading Bathroom Remodel

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Making Cozy: Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights add a certain charm and warmth to a room, especially during cold winter months when the sun sets early in the evening. When I was in high school, I had the multicolored lights (80s child) outlining the walls in my room. I loved the soft glow it gave. Since then, I've come to… Continue reading Making Cozy: Twinkle Lights

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Chevron Curtains and Burlap Tie Backs

Like most of the country, I recently had a few snow days to get things done around the house.  One of my projects that had been on my list since last summer was curtains for the kitchen eating area.  Snow day number one saw them finished. Snow day number two was perfect for making the… Continue reading Chevron Curtains and Burlap Tie Backs

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Fall Is Here!

This past weekend brought on the cooler weather and the trees are starting to change colors -- even down here!  Fall is probably my favorite time of year... the change, the cool breeze, the smell of bonfires... Pumpkins... Fall Flowers... And Apple Cider Candles. Just to name a few...