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Monday’s Project

Quote: "Infinite wisdom has arranged the whole with infinite love; and infinite power enables me -- to rest upon that love. I am in a dear Father's hands -- all is secure.  When I look to Him, I see nothing but faithfulness -- and immutability -- and truth..." Charles Simeon

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Decoupaging and the Ministry of Music

Today, I tried decoupaging for the first time on my own.  I have decided that decoupaging is tricky business.  School starts back up on the 28th, so I'm trying to get my summer crafts projects finished.  The frame that I used today was originally intended for a chalk board.  However, since the weather was about… Continue reading Decoupaging and the Ministry of Music

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Bulletin Board (for home)

I had been wanting a big bulletin board for a while, but hadn't been able to find one that I thought was both cute AND big enough for serious office work.  Over the Christmas break, I came across a $7 bulletin board at Goodwill that seemed to fit the bill.  It was big enough: 21… Continue reading Bulletin Board (for home)

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Photo Headboard

I forget where I first saw this project, but I really liked the idea.  I love hanging up pictures, but I was trying for a way that wouldn't cause lots of nail holes.  (This project used four nail holes, which would have happened if I'd just hung them, but it was still worth it...) Also,… Continue reading Photo Headboard