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Christmas Light

I love the soft glow of all the lights of Christmastime. Today while putting on the lights and thinking how pretty they were going to look, I was reminded of these verses: “The sun shall be no more your light by day, nor for brightness shall the moon give you light; but the Lord will… Continue reading Christmas Light

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Cloudy Fall Afternoon Drive

Fall is my favorite season. With it comes relief from summer’s heat, warm and vibrant colors, and harvest time. Fall brings a burst of beauty before the barrenness of winter. Today I’m thankful to drive past hills blanketed in color against the backdrop of rolling gray clouds. Another reminder that God is good and the… Continue reading Cloudy Fall Afternoon Drive

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Celebrating Through April

With quarantine in effect around the world, including my little corner, I’ve thought about how much light-heartedness and mirth were missing from daily routine... This got me to thinking, what other ways could I celebrate through the quarantine of April? Below, I’m listing my favorites I found. Happy April!

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But first…?

This mug makes me laugh. “But first, coffee” resonates with my feelings today, even though I’ve already been up for close to an hour. This mug also gets me thinking... If I look closely at the patterns of my living and thinking, what would be my true “But, first”? When waking up... When making decisions...… Continue reading But first…?