Sick Day Chicken Noodle Soup

With the change in the weather and the change in schedules from regular school to summer school, my body decided to cope by getting sick.  So, tonight I made what I call “Sick Day Soup”.  Onions, garlic, and ginger are all good, anti-inflammatory immune-boosters — perfect for fighting colds and sore throats.  Since immune-boosters are very valuable resources for new teachers (as well as grad students), I thought I would include it here under School as well as Lactose-Free Cooking.  I have two caveats for this recipe:

1.)  I like spicy food.  So, if spicy isn’t your thing, try reducing the amount of ginger to two teaspoons and go from there.

2.) I don’t measure when I make soup, so these measurements are really just approximations (sounds better than “guesses” :))

1 4-cup carton of Chicken Stock (I like to use Kitchen Basics Original because it has reduced sodium and no MSG)

2 teaspoons minced onion

2 teaspoons minced garlic

1 Tablespoon ground ginger (if it’s not strong enough, keep adding by teaspoons until you get the desire taste.)

1 teaspoon lemon grass

1 cup chopped uncooked chicken

1 cup chopped carrots (I just halved baby carrots for tonight’s dinner)

Whole Wheat egg noodles.

Black Pepper to taste

I heat the broth with the spices first.  This way, I can make sure that I have the taste I want.  I make it a little stronger than I want because it will mellow a bit when the chicken, carrots, and noodles are added.  Once that is done, I add the chicken and the carrots and boil for about 20 minutes, or until the chicken and carrots are done.  In a separate pot, I cook the pasta — 2-3 cups.  I don’t add the pasta to the soup because the noodles tend to disintegrate if there is soup left over.  I add the pasta to my bowl and then add the desired amount of soup and black pepper.  This recipe makes 4 servings.

* Another version is pictured below with long grain and wild rice instead of pasta

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