Someone To Share With

Once there was a little girl who was loved by her mom and dad.  The three of them lived happily together, laughing and loving.  After two and a half years, a brother came along, and the three became four.

Even though she wasn’t ready to share her toys — at least, not at first — the little girl soon discovered that this little baby grew into a friend who could talk and laugh, hide in the curtains and make faces in the lamp with her.

As they grew up together, they sometimes fought — as sinful brothers, sisters, and friends do — but they never stopped loving each other.  In time, they not only had the unity of family to hold them together, they also had the perfect love of Christ to fuel the love they had for each other. As they grew up there was more to share: toys, jokes, lessons, secrets, road trips, laughter, tears, faith.

They shared college together: late nights, sick nights, nights of talking on the phone until morning.  They shared friends and professors … and road trips back home.

Then, last night, the girl watched her brother-friend walk across the stage and graduate from college.  And she couldn’t have been prouder.

So, dear brother, congratulations.

I’m so thankful to God for giving me you

as one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Wherever you go in life

know that God’s grace

and my love

(and the love of our mother, father, and sister)

will follow you to bless your hard work.

So, keep working, keep growing, keep pursuing truth,

for your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

I love you.

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