This Small Classroom: Flashcard Books

The students I teach are Kindergarten and 1st grade.  There is a wide range of reading ability between them.  For the literacy center activity, I wanted to include books that emphasized vocabulary, but also had an option of stretching the student’s reading skills.  I had previously purchased First Word and Numbers flashcard from the Dollar Tree.  Since I didn’t think flashcards would work well as a center activity, I decided to put them in photo albums (also from the Dollar Tree).

Two Photo Albums: $2

Two sets of flashcards: $2

Notecards: $1 (with some notecards left for another book)

I glued the flashcard to the notecards, leaving room at the bottom to write sentences.  I would have used rubber cement rather than a glue stick, but a glue stick was all I could find.

I then wrote sentences using the Kindergarten and 1st grade high frequency words from our ESL curriculum.  I figured that this will give them extra practice for the HF words and also provide context for the flashcard words.

Then I put the cards in alphabetical order in the photo album.

I cut out the extra photo album pages and made labels for the cover.  And that was it!


  1. I wonder if there is a job where I can teach college linguistics but still be cool like you and do art projects to teach them…

  2. Wow, you have a lot of great, creative ideas. I teach third grade :) Im excited to try some of these crafty things with my class :) Please do post more and more of these!

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