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Carrot Cake: gluten-free & vegan

This delicious, moist carrot cake is sweetened with maple syrup and topped with a crunchy crumble that will melt in your mouth! If you want a coffee cake that’s also a carrot cake, give this #glutenfreevegan recipe a try!..Whisk together:1 c. general purpose gluten-free flour mix with xanthum gum (I used Bob’s Red Mill blue… Continue reading Carrot Cake: gluten-free & vegan

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Almond Vanilla Cookie Bites

Today is National Cookie Day. Even though I've been stuck at home with strep today, when I was able to get off the couch after my third Christmas movie, I wanted to celebrate by experimenting with a grain-free cookie recipe. One of the Christmas movies might have centered around a bakery. Some things I learned:… Continue reading Almond Vanilla Cookie Bites

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Rainy Day Pancakes

Rainy mornings call for pancakes. I wanted to experiment with different flours... trying to get in more fiber, iron, and protein while reducing carbs. After comparing flours, I decided to go with Almond (low carb, good fiber and iron, high fat), oat, and sweet sorghum (higher carb, low fat, good fiber and iron). Compared to...… Continue reading Rainy Day Pancakes