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Cross buns: gluten, dairy, egg, and yeast free

This year, I wanted to try new baking as part of our Easter dinner in lockdown with my husband. I have extra time, and it would help the day seem more celebratory if special never-before-have-I-made comfort food were involved. I decided to give cross buns a try. It seemed like a perfect Easter dessert to… Continue reading Cross buns: gluten, dairy, egg, and yeast free

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Cinnamon Coffee Cake

New weekend, new recipe. To be honest, the only parts of this bread that I should be eating are the salt and baking powder, but I did a taste test and it tasted fantastic. Here is the recipe. Substitute softened butter (no shortening), one cup vanilla yogurt (no sour cream), and cake flour. Also sprinkle… Continue reading Cinnamon Coffee Cake