Celebrating Through April

Just about everyone knows about April Fool’s Day. And those who don’t probably learned – never mind that my prank on my husband didn’t work. (I did make him nervous all evening when he realized what day it was… which is partial success, I guess.)

Anyway, with quarantine in effect in places around the world, including my little corner, I’ve thought about how much light-heartedness and mirth were missing from daily routine. Some people may need it for their kids at home, and maybe for themselves, just like I do. So, I began with yesterday, National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.

Dinner deliciousness

For dinner, we kept it simple with PB&J. Except mine was AB&J (almond butter and jelly) on gluten-free, vegan bread, so not so simple. Anyway, I started thinking what activities could go with this meal. For instance, kids could make visual directions on assembling a PB&J, they could read up on George Washington Carver, learn about food allergies (why are so many allergic to nuts), learn to bake bread, and how the PB&J became popular (see: https://www.nationalpeanutboard.org/news/who-invented-the-peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich.htm).

This got me to thinking, what other national days are there, and what other ways could I celebrate through the quarantine of April? Below, I’m listing the favorites I found. Happy April!

National and International Days in April:

Instagram/Photo Challenges:

April Journal Prompts:

And the most important for last…

April Scripture Reading and Writing Challenges:

Happy Celebrating and Happy April!

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