Courage for the year ahead

The Gospel fuels our courage These verses end a Psalm full of sorrow and lament. But even in the midst of his grief, and at the end of his cry for relief, David remembers and takes courage for the path ahead. At the changing of the year, that is what we all need. Thankfulness for… Continue reading Courage for the year ahead

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What About January 2nd?

But what if the turning of a new day, the first “ordinary” day of the year is every bit as important as New Year’s Day? While the fresh start of January 1st inspires us to dream big, what if unremarkable January 2nd gives a precious prodding to remain dedicated to our resolve and to look to our only sure Hope in the midst ordinary life?


New Year Song

This Christmas, my husband gifted me a 30-day hymn calendar. The song for day 1 is Praise to the Lord. How appropriate it is to start the new year with remembering who God is, what He has done, and reminding my soul to sing. Could there be a fresher start? Praise to the Lord, the… Continue reading New Year Song


The New Year: Looking to what?

The New Year is fast approaching. I’m keeping up with my tradition of deep cleaning our home. For many (very good) reasons, people seem glad to let go of 2020 and move forward. As old gives way to new, we find ourselves looking forward, drawing hope from our expectation of the new. One of the… Continue reading The New Year: Looking to what?


Plans of the Heart

It's a brand new year. On this day, perhaps more than any other, my heart is brimful of hopes and plans for the future. Maybe your heart is also. Proverbs 16:9 reminds me that there is a plan bigger and more sure than mine. The Lord has a plan that cannot be altered by human… Continue reading Plans of the Heart


Trust, Rejoice, and Sing: A verse for the New Year

Thankfulness for the past. Hope and assurance for the future. Praying we end the old year and begin the new one as the Psalmist models in these verses. Recall the times this past year where you trusted and rested in God and his providence. Recount the times his love broke through to your heart. Look… Continue reading Trust, Rejoice, and Sing: A verse for the New Year

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New Year’s Hope

Hope v. : (transitive) 1. To desire with expectation of obtainment or fulfillment. 2. To expect with confidence.  (intransitive) 1. To cherish a desire with anticipation: to want something to happen or be true. 2. archaic: TRUST Hope n. : 1. archaic: TRUST, RELIANCE. 2. a. desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment;… Continue reading New Year’s Hope


Tombstones, Life, and Ambitions: A New Year’s Post

It's not about the numbers chiseled in concrete, it's how you lived your life in the dash between. -- Scotty McCreery, The Dash Tombstones, life, and ambitions. This time of year, and this day in particular, people seem to think and act on these ideas more than usual. Tombstones  Anyone listening to the news or… Continue reading Tombstones, Life, and Ambitions: A New Year’s Post


The Desire for What is New

The desire for newness seems entrenched in the human soul. Not mere newness for the sake of being new, but newness in the sense of a better, pure, hopeful rebirth. Looking forward to the new year, we set goals for how the next year will be better, how we will have new adventures, how we… Continue reading The Desire for What is New