Monday Moments

Mondays come around so quickly, don’t they? After the events of the last few weeks, I sometimes find myself wanting the days to speed up and blur together. It’s as if the days passing will distance me from hard things that happen and it can be as if they had never happened.

But today I find myself convicted to slow down and look for moments from God. Moments when I feel His presence. Moments when I remember His goodness. Moments of prayer. Moments of meditating on His word. Moments of experiencing His grace.

To be honest, this moment finds me in my classroom, sitting at my desk in my winter coat and snow boots because it’s 58 degrees Fahrenheit in my room and the heater hasn’t been fixed. My early-bird students are waiting in the “lobby” for virtual class to start. But it’s a moment of provision. It’s a moment of peace and prayer. It’s a moment that God is good and loving me.

What moment are you having? Whatever moments make up your Monday, I hope you have many moments of peace, hope, love, joy, and life because of the goodness of God.

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