What About January 2nd?

What does January 2nd have to offer? After all, the last few months have been full of Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and new beginnings. After all that, this day just appears… unremarkable.

January 2nd seems like just another day in a sea of days, a reminder that we live most of our lives in ordinary days. No hype for motivation. No special holidays.

If January 2nd strikes me as disappointing, a let-down after the holidays, perhaps it is because I have conditioned myself to see blessings on Thanksgiving, but not the days after. Maybe it’s because I’ve conditioned myself to focus on Hope and Joy leading up to December 25th, but not on December 27th. Maybe it’s because I feel purpose and importance December 31-January 1st, but not January 2nd.

What if the turning of a new day, the first “ordinary” day of the year is every bit as important as New Year’s Day? While the fresh start of January 1st inspires us to dream big, what if unremarkable January 2nd gives a precious prodding to remain dedicated to our resolve and to look to our only sure Hope in the midst ordinary life?

January 2nd is a reminder that the human heart is more often softly tested in the midst of ordinary life, not only on the grand days or in great gestures.

Take my moments and my days…

Even more than a test of my resolve, January 2nd is a reminder that God works just as powerfully from one day to the next, if only I have the eyes and heart to see.

Let them flow in ceaseless praise.

P.S. This lovely calendar and other wonderful work can be found at littlethingsstudio.com.

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