Bathroom makeover: $15

This is actually a project I completed a couple months ago, but am just now getting around to putting up.  We’ve moved into a bigger house, which means a bigger bathroom, which means I needed to come up with something for my sink.   I went to GoodWill and found these items.

I used the dishes on the left for my teacher desk organizer.  For the bathroom project, I used the two candle holders to the right and the blue dishes. I promptly spray painted the tall candle holder.

Not the best job perhaps, but it was enough to cover the red and black marble covering it had before. :)  I glued the silver candle holder (also spray painted) and two turquoise plates together for an organizer.

  I then spray painted the large blue plate with the same bronze paint.  One of the other turquoise plates I spray painted with chalkboard paint and glued them together to make a small sink-side message board. Throw in a black vase and a re-purposed frame and this is what I got:

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