100,000 Miles

This past weekend, my eleven-year-old car hit its 100,000 mile mark.  Since this is my first car, and I’ve had it since about mile 0, this was a big
occasion for us.100000 miles 2

This car is an answer to prayer.  God was so gracious to answer my prayer – and doing so in a way that showed He didn’t need my help at all. Maybe that’s why I am so fond of this little car.  I made it through my first year of college without a car, depending on friends for rides to my teaching practicums, church, and the grocery store.  After my first year, I realized that, with the many teaching practicums ahead, I would need my own car. I started saving like crazy and putting almost every penny from my summer job towards a car. I scoured the ads to see what I could get for a couple thousand dollars. I figured that my parents wouldn’t be happy with the car I bought for $2,000, or that I had bought one behind their backs since we agreed I would not get a car in college, but I was desperate for a car.  As I worked, saved, and searched, I prayed fervently for God to provide a car. One night as I was working, a car pulled up to the drive-thru and rang the bell.  I opened the window and saw my parents in a little blue car. I immediately burst into tears, because I thought this meant I got to have our gray Lumina minivan – and I was so happy!  Little did I know that in response to my prayers, God had planted in the minds of my parents (without our discussing the matter) that I needed a car.  One day mom woke up with the urgent thought, “Katie needs a car.”  When she talked with Dad, unsure of what he would say, he responded that he had wakened with the exact same urgent message.  And I got the blue car.

As a dedication, I prayed that God would use my car in his service to help with others’ needs as a reminder that he had met mine.  100,000 miles later, God has faithfully brought friendships that I will forever value in response to that prayer. He has shown deliverance by sparing it in a tornado (with a little roof fixing), allowing it to be covered in ash only – and no more – from a fire, and working in each blown tire so that I was never stranded.

Now, we are on a summer road trip that, so far, has included Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas.  Tomorrow we plan to add another state or two, Lord willing.

So, happy birthday, little buddy. And thanks to God for his provision and protection.

… his mercies never come to an end;  they are new every morning… Lam. 3:22-23

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