Giant Word Find

Laminate poster-sized sight-word word find and staple to presentation boards. (Glue gun won’t keep it mounted…) add paper copies for students to keep, a dry erase marker, and expo wipes (not pictured). I used binder clips to hold the presentation tri-folds together for easy assembly/disassembly/storage. :) This is for an outdoor school event and has 5 sides of advancing levels of word finds. The students really enjoyed it!

Chevron Curtains and Burlap Tie Backs

Like most of the country, I recently had a few snow days to get things done around the house.  One of my projects that had been on my list since last summer was curtains for the kitchen eating area.  Snow day number one saw them finished.


Snow day number two was perfect for making the burlap tie backs for the curtains:



Love the snow in the background!

Anyway, what I love best about these tie backs is that they are easy to put on/take off, and they’re cheap and easy to make!  Here is a picture guide to make your own!


First, cut a 24-in piece of burlap ribbon (mine was about 5 in. wide) and two 10-in pieces of floral wire.


Second, fold the ends of the ribbon so that they overlap in the middle (this will be the back of the bow).  The length of the ribbon/bow will now be about 10 in.

Third, pinch the bow in the middle, from the BACK.  This will make a fold in the middle of the front.  Then, fold down the top and bottom edges FORWARD to meet in the middle.  It should look pleated like this…



Take one of the 10 in. pieces of wire and wrap it tightly around the middle of the bow to hold the pleat in place.  Before winding it all the way around, add the second piece length-wise to the back and continue winding.  This second piece will be what wraps around the curtain itself.  Then, hot-glue the folds and wires in place as needed.


And there you go!