Never and Always

‘Never’ is a strong word.

My mom once told me – and now I tell my school kids- to only use never and always if that is the truth. ‘Never’, as a word, carries power; it can cause great strife or great healing.

I love that this verse of promise is in a prophetic book of Lamentations. In the middle of lamenting we need strong words of comfort. And here, the Word of God gives just that.

Not only is the love of God steadfast, but it never ends.

For the true believer that means assurance when we face the trials of life. Our salvation’s security hinges on the continued love of God poured out on us because of the redeeming work of Jesus’ on the cross and in his resurrection, and His salvation received by grace through His gift of faith. His love is with us. We abide in it (John 15). He is love and the very source of love. Just as He will never cease to exist, neither will His love for His children. That is a strong promise. Strong enough to meet any foe of fear or doubt or temptation; strong enough to give hope to any trial or suffering or persecution. So, self, preach that to your heart when it starts to falter.

Not only are the mercies of God new every morning, they never end.

However mundane life becomes, however relentless human expectations seem, however tiring the task may be, His mercies toward His children never cease. Neither are His mercies in danger of becoming tired or mundane themselves. No, they are new every morning. So, self, pray for eyes to see and rejoice in His mercies every day that the morning sun rises.

Great indeed is His faithfulness.

So, self, call this to mind and have hope.

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