Getting Ready for Year 7: the content cabinet


This content cabinet (CON-tent, not con-TENT) is one of my favorite organizational projects this summer. Since I have taught ESL for 6 grades over the last 6 years, I have taught related social studies, science, and math lessons to help build their vocabulary. Thus, I have acquired quite a bit of manipulatives, books, and printables (stories, articles, and worksheets).  Before this year, I was pulling books out of the schoolroom library, searching my documents on the computer and in files, as well as digging in tubs for the manipulatives.  This year, however, (most of) these supplies are now neatly in labelled containers. The only tub that remains to be finished is the bottom middle.  Containers for this project came from Target (currently VERY good sales going on), Walmart (OK, not as good as Target’s prices), and Dollar Tree (cheapest of all, but tubs aren’t as sturdy).  The labels also came from Dollar Tree, but are not currently in stock.  I suppose these are a poor-teacher’s version of the tubs from Lakeshore, but I’m OK with that. :) When I think of it, I will try to add pictures of the tubs and contents in this and future posts.

Until then, happy back to school!

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