To see with God’ perspective,

Because he knows the end,

that good triumphs and peace endures;

But my eyes are tired and

my perspective is often

prejudiced by disappointment

and discouragement.

To act with God’s love,

Because His love is perfect

and steadfast

and endures forever;

But my love is tainted by self-pride

and guarded with disillusionment.

To understand with God’s patience,

Because His is righteous;

But mine lasts until

self-righteousness closes in.

To hope with God’s wisdom,

Because He knows His ways are good

and that He is working all things

for my good;

But my hope too often rests

in what is seen.

To persevere with God’s strength,

Because His never fails

and He gives strength

to the powerless,

But my power fails.

To see with God’s perspective,

Because eternity is pressing

and His plan is certain to pass;

And because I am His forever.

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