Teaching Adjectives: Post-it Notes

This was a fun, hands-on, run-around-the-classroom-’cause-it’s-the-end-of-the-day activity that I did with my first grade class this year.  We were working on adjectives and adjective ordering.  I gave each of the students 5 post-it notes and told them to pick any 5 objects in the room and describe them using two words.  Then, they could label the object with the post-it.  I had to tape most of the post-it notes because the adhesive was not strong enough.  I also had them put their names at the top of the sticky note.  I used this as an assessment to see who had mastered adjective ordering.  The kids loved this activity and it was great for helping with end of the day wiggles.

Big Ol' Fat Pumpkin

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