Psalm 34:15

The eyes of the LORD are toward the righteous

and his ears toward their cry.  Psalm 34:15

The righteous are those who have clung to Christ for forgiveness, who by faith are credited as righteous, as Abraham was. So, never think that the LORD saves and then forgets.  Nor does He look away so that His children have to clamor for His attention.  No, His eyes are always toward the righteous.  His ears are never deaf to their cries.  So, do not entertain doubts that whisper, “The LORD does not see.  The LORD does not hear.   The LORD does not care.”  These are lies that are sent to cripple a believer.  Never underestimate the damage these lies can do.  Likewise, never underestimate the healing power of the Word of God.  The Word that speaks of God’s unfailing goodness to those who believe.  If He seems silent now, it is because He is patiently and quietly at work bringing about good for you.  He hears and His answer will be audible to your heart at the right time.  He sees.  He hears.  He cares.  He will not lose you.

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