This teacher’s purse

Tonight I finally cleaned out my purse.  It was long over-due, but I’ll try not to go into too many details.  As I was cleaning it out, I was amused to see how much teaching has altered the contents of what I carry with me from day-to-day.  I found things like:

Pencils (Yes, I never carried pencils before this.  Now I have four.)

Crayons (There were only two.  There used to be a whole box in there.)

Index cards

2 bottles of hand sanitizer (1 really used to be enough.)

A week’s supply of throat lozenges

Teacher ID

Post-It notes

Paper clips


A complete set of alphabet letter-magnets (I don’t remember why they were in there, but I must have had a good reason at the time.)


1.) I should clean out my purse more often.

2.) Being a teacher is great.

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