Teaching Adjectives — lesson ideas

This year, one of the goals was to get my kindergarten and 1st grade students to use adjectives to describe familiar objects or characters.  In the fall, I tried being the crazy adjective lady.  I thought it was a fantastic idea, but it didn’t translate well to my 1st grade class… they just thought I was crazy.  Oh well.  At any rate, this Spring, I used this lesson that also incorporated our previous learning goals — identifying characters in a story and using an idea web to organize thoughts.

Hook/Open: I play “I’m thinking of …”  I start off with “a student” and see if they can guess who I’m thinking of. I keep adding details (adding adjectives) until they guess.  This gets us started on the importance of words that describe nouns.

I also introduce the Montessori Symbol for Adjectives.  Note: The students have already had nouns and verbs at this point, so they are used to the symbols.  I bring out the noun and adjective shapes to show two different ways of phrasing nouns and adjectives: adj.+noun or The ____ is ______.  Later on in the lesson, I use these symbols with text on the board.  I will also pass out the student shapes for kinesthetic comprehension checks. 

Explain: I use Alien Adjectives from Promethean Planet on my Promethean Board (will work on any computer with Active Inspire software).  There are sentences at the end.  I will have volunteers draw the symbol underneath the adjectives in the sentences.

Group Comprehension Check: Students are given a flashcard with a picture and a word.  The flashcard is either a verb or an adjective.  They have to go to the side of the room (adjective/ not adjective) according to their card.  Students have to share their word to sit back down.  When the adjective group shares their adjective, I ask a non-adjective student what kind of adjective the other student has: color, shape, size, sound, feeling.

Relate to Literacy: We gather on the reading carpet for “The Boogie Woogie Man” by Megan Sanders.

Reading Comprehension and Group work: Using the monster venn diagram, we describe the monster using adjectives.

Independent Work: Students get their own venn diagram to create and describe a monster.  They can then either color their monster or get a blank paper to draw their own.

Closure: After reviewing/sharing our work, the kids enjoy these videos about Boogie Woogie Music and Tap Dancing.

IMG_0280 IMG_0281


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