Teaching the Alphabet: 6 Letter P activities

I teach a lot phonics in my kindergarten ESL class.  This year, we are basically going through the alphabet, working on recognizing letters, their sounds, and building vocabulary from that.  I get alliterations stuck in my head on a regular basis.  Sometimes I can only think in alliterations.  Anyway… here are some of the activities I’ve done with the letter P.

#1 Paper Bag Panda Puppet (using a paper plate)

#2 Paper Plate Pumpkin with a Popcorn P

To make the popcorn P, I “wrote” a P, giving the directions (“Start at the top and go down. Go back to the top and go around.”).  Then, the kindergarteners put the popcorn on the glue.  On the back of the plate, I drew pictures and wrote the words.

The reason the pumpkin in the picture looks like a Jack-O-Lantern is that we did this project in October and my students were all about the “Halloween Pumpkin”.

#3 Paper Pizza

I don’t have pictures for the last two projects, but this activity is great for also talking about shapes.  For more advanced kindergarteners (and this is what I did with mine) you can glue the pizza to a paper.  I put down the directions, leaving blanks for the words ‘first’, ‘next’, and ‘last’.  Click this link –  first next last pizza – for the paper file.


brown paper circle for the crust

red paper circle for the sauce

white rectangles for the cheese

green triangles for the peppers

light brown ovals for the sausage

pink circles for the pepperoni

off-white squares for the onions

#4 Brainstorm on a Paper Plate

All you need for this one is a regular size paper plate and some crayons.  On the plate, brainstorm a dinner (or a party) that serves only food that begins with the letter P:

– pasta

– pizza

– peanuts

– pepperoni

– popcorn

– potato

– pot roast

– popovers

– pancakes

– pineapple

– pretzels

– pork

– peppers

– pinto beans

– pie

– pumpkin pie/pumpkin bread/pumpkin pancakes

#5 Pumpkin Pancakes

This recipe is a definite keeper in my cooking repertoire. I change up the spices sometimes to 3 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice.  These are also really good with powder sugar on top when they’re hot off the griddle.

#6 Play-doh

I always have my students follow directions for making letters (capital and lowercase) of the letters we are studying.  We talk about the directions and practice tracing before we write them.  You could also make a paper plate full of Play-doh food.  Or, make animals out of Play-doh (penguins, pandas, pterodactyls).  Just kidding about the last animal.  Unless you want to have a lesson on silent P.

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